Trenton City Hall  | 14 West Broadway  |  Trenton, IL  62293  |  (618) 224-7323

CITY HALL HOURS:  Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.


A deposit shall be held by the City as security for the payment of utilities used by the applicant upon the premises to which his application pertains. The depositor shall be refunded the fee with no interest earned after three years of continuous service, providing all bills and any late payment penalty charges which may have been assessed are paid in full. (Ord. No. 1559; 11/01/13).  New residents/applicants must provide photo identification prior to service application.


Water (Inside City Limits)
First 1,000 gal: $10.12
$8.72 per/1,000 gal (1,001 to 25,000)
$7.71 per/1,000 gal thereafter

A monthly meter service fee of $4.00 shall apply to all customers

Water (Outside City Limits)
First 2,000 gal (Minimum Bill): $42.80
$11.05 per/1,000 gal (2,001 to 25,000)
$9.60 per/1,000 gal thereafter

The monthly meter service fee shall be based on meter size.

Sewer (Inside City Limits)
First 1,000 gal (Minimum Bill): $19.63
$11.23 per/1,000 gal thereafter
Sewer Rate (Without Water Meter): $58.70/month

If water is temporarily shut off at the request of the user during normal working hours, there shall be a charge of twenty dollars ($20.00) for such service.  If water is temporarily shut off at the request of the user after normal working hours, a charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be made for such service (Ord. No. 1233, 9/3/02).

Questions about the application process or utility billing? Please contact Cindy Shaw, Utility Billing Clerk (618) 224-7323 or

Auto Debit

The auto debit program is available for the billing of water, sewer, and trash accounts. The program allows customers to have their utility bill automatically deducted from their checking or savings account on a monthly basis.

Voter’s Registration

Don’t forget to change your voter’s registration to the new address of your new location.  This can be done at City Hall after residency has been established for 30 days.


Residential rate for weekly refuse, recycling and yard waste is $24.42.
Reduced Senior rate for weekly refuse and recycling is $22.08. Please come to City Hall to register for your discount.

Republic Services Customer Service Phone Number: 618-656-6883

                                                 Garbage Pick-up On Monday               Yard Waste Pick-up on Wednesday                Recycling Pick-up on Friday

Click this Link for Details from Republic Services!



Vehicle licenses and dog/cat tags are no longer required to be purchased.

Alternative Vehicle Licenses

 Golf Carts and Side-by-Sides Must complete annual registration and inspection process.

Registration packets can be picked up at City Hall

or via this link

Licenses Fees:  City Resident $25 annually

Outside City Limits $50 annually

All vehicle licenses are valid from May 1 through April 30th of the following year.  No fees will be pro-rated.


Cable Television

Charter Communications provide cable television services for City of Trenton residents. Please call (888) 471-4485 to establish service.

Telephone Service

AT&T provides local telephone service for the City of Trenton. For residential service information call (800) 222-0300.

or visit:

For business customers call (800) 660-3000.

Electrical Services

AmerenIllinois provides service to most areas of Trenton. For information call (800) 755-5000 or visit

The Clinton County Electric Cooperative provides service to the Wildwood Estates subdivision. For information call (618) 526-7282 or visit

Gas Service

AmerenIllinois provides gas service to the City of Trenton. For information call (800) 755-5000 or visit